What is Social Media Marketing

Trying to Understand What SMM & SMO is? You’ve heard the phrases “Social Media Marketing” and “Social Media Optimization”, and you are all too familiar with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but if you’re wondering how those social networks can be used to market your business, then read on. So what is social media marketing? Some would say that it is the process of paying for ads on social networks and advertising to your target demographics, but others may argue that social media marketing involves all forms of a business’s communications on social media networks. For instance, even a … Continue reading

When to Disavow Links

To Disavow or Not to Disavow – That is the Question We’ve all heard about those infamous circumstances where big brands were penalized for unnatural backlinks, and perhaps you’ve also read about some of the more isolated events of users being penalized for having just one or two suspicious guest blogs on their site. This has led to quite a few webmasters becoming a bit nervous, and possibly feeling guilty, about some of the links pointing to their site. Regardless of why or what you’ve heard, you’ve begun considering the idea – or have already taken action – to disavow … Continue reading

The Death of Guest Posting

Matt Cutts Declares “War” on Guest Posting Thanks to an overseas SEO spammer, Google’s head of search engine spam department (Matt Cutts), recently received an email soliciting guest posting services which put him in somewhat of a bad mood, leading him to write a post on his blog slamming guest blogging. He made it pretty clear that he was wholeheartedly against guest posting – or at least when used for the sole purpose of SEO. He did later update the post, explaining: “I’m not trying to throw the baby out with the bath water. There are still many good reasons … Continue reading

5 Examples of Native Advertising

What Is Native Advertising Whether or not you’ve heard the new term, “Native Advertising”, or not, it’s a term you should become familiar with. Native Advertising may just be the latest “buzz” word, but the concept will likely be around for quite some time. Native Advertising is the idea of creating informative or entertaining, non-disruptive content tailored specifically to the individual platform that it is being sponsored on (not to be confused with an advertorial which is similar but less obvious and typically more “pitchy”). Wikipedia describes Native Advertising as: …a web advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to … Continue reading

Identifying Your Customers

Knowing Your Audience When creating an online marketing strategy it is extremely important to understand who your audience is, where they are, what they enjoy, and what they’re interested in. Many companies, when going social, for instance, will create a profile on every social network known to man instead of focusing on the networks which their audiences use. Also, when creating content, do you really know what kind of content your audience enjoys? Do they like helpful how-to videos, funny pictures, or maybe just relevant industry news. Do you even know who your target audience is? This is something you need to … Continue reading

What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing – What it is & How it Works Content marketing has been around for a very long time, ever since the beginning of SEO, but now, more than ever, it is becoming increasing more important for any online marketing strategy. Content marketing involves, as the name implies, creating content for your site and using it to market your business. What many business owners don’t understand is what that content should be about. For instance, things like: Company goings-on Your company’s upcoming events New deals or promotions Articles on why people should buy your product A knowledge base of … Continue reading